Trying Cosmetic Surgeon In A Jar

I got the Cosmetic Surgeon In A Jar Complete Skincare Kit as a present and I really thought it was a practical joke a first. Yes, I had been talking about the way my face was sagging, but I never realized that I was complaining so much to my family. There are many separate products that include an exfoliater, eye lifter, resurfacer, eye serum, skin purifier, cleanser, ph toner, pore reducer, illuminator, and finally the face lifter. I started off with using all the products every day and saw nearly instant results.

It did become a little taxing do use all the products each day, so I started alternating using some on different days. I see absolutely no need for anyone to get a surgical face lift after using this system. You have to keep up with it and use a couple of products every day to maintain results, but the tradeoff is a clearer, smoother and firmer face. You might find better prices with other beauty anti aging products, but I don’t think that any will provide even close to the same level of results.

Ok so I took a look at their website, and they were offering free shipment on all orders. There was aso something about a free cleanser if you spent more than a certain amount, but I’m not sure about that. Anyway, no idea if this is a summer deal, or a forever deal or what but the code to use was “CLENSHIP35″ at checkout.