Trilastin SR Does Help Improve Stretch Marks

The stretch marks prominently displayed on my thighs first appeared when I entered college and have stopped me from wearing short skirts or bathing suits ever since. They weren’t as red and angry looking as they were when they first appeared, but they were a glaring eyesore for me. Trilastin SR was my last ditch effort before I started saving up for some of those experimental laser treatments. The first thing I thought when I saw the bottle was, “This thing is huge!” While the one bottle will be able to sustain a person like me that only has stretch marks in a few areas for a long time, someone with more severe marks might need twice as much. To me, it’s still an excellent value.

My stretch marks seemingly appeared overnight, but I already knew that I’d have to follow a strict routine for a few months before being able to decide if it worked or not. The weather is warming up and I’m happy to report that I am going to wear a bathing suit for the first time in seven years. While I’d love to say that all of my stretch marks have completely disappeared, that hasn’t happened yet. I am confident that over time they just might be gone forever, but the appearance is so minimal that I can barely see them anymore.