The Importance of Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

Do you look at models, actors, and wonder how they manage to look so good as they age ‘gracefully’? It is not a big secret, and it’s also not a big issue for people that want to maintain that look, they simply moisturize. When you moisturize your skin, you are literally using creams, soaps and washes to add liquid back into the upper layers of your body. Normally your skin takes the brunt of environmental changes, cold, heat, wind, dry air, all of this works against your body’s own system that keeps skin hydrated and supple.

Most doctors recommend you drink eight or more glasses of water every day. This helps keep your body hydrated, keeps everything functioning properly and helps ward off illness. Now, much of that also adds to the moisture in your skin, but it is not nearly an effective, or efficient way of making sure that you get enough on your upper layers to prevent dry skin, flaking or the eventual wrinkling and degradation that comes with age.

Moisturizing keeps your skin supple, this means it stretches more easily and changes shape with fewer visible marks. This means fewer wrinkles while you age, less stretch marks as your weight changes and it also means that you are going to be better at fighting the causes of aging, nasty little buggers called free radicals that can damage dry and deprived skin.

There are plenty causes behind dry skin that attack you from every direction. There are some obvious ones; intense sunlight, and an arid environment will evaporate the moisture from your skin very rapidly. Heavy winds also are harsh on dry skin, have you ever felt like your skin was chapped after being out in cold weather when the wind was blowing? Part of that is the moisture literally being blown away from your body in the winds. Your skin dries out from less obvious ways as well. If the water to your home is classified ‘hard’ water, when it has lots of minerals, calcium and other deposits, even a shower, where you are surrounded by water can have the opposite effect and really dry out your skin. If your skin is particularly sensitive, hard water can also damage skin and prevent rehabilitation from common moisturizers.

When you have decided that you want combat all of these attacks on your skin through using moisturizing products, what should you use? Most moisturizing products will use formulas that will work on most people’s skin, however generally you want to find something that uses a minimum of chemicals, and contains natural ingredients like honey, shea butter, or aloe. You should also consider using a different moisturizer for your body, your face, and the sensitive skin around your eyes. There are different formulas that also contain components that act as good as SPF 15 sun block, which can help combat the nasty drying effect of the sun’s rays. When you get into the practice of daily moisturizing, you can expect supple, touchable skin for a long, long time.