Orexis Review – Can Male Enhancement Help You?

If you are suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction) you are not alone. Men who suffer from ED is most usually caused by stress, medications, or hormone imbalance brought on by age.

The symptoms of ED can lower your self-confidence and cause some major problems in the bedroom. You have options for a better sex life with prescriptions medications such as Viagra. But, with synthetic drugs you have side effects to consider. Some are almost as bad as ED itself.

Another option is a natural ingredient supplement, that’s where Orexis comes into the picture. Orexis is a non-prescription, all natural herbal  supplement that is supposed to give you immediate results and long term benefits when taken regularly.

The ingredients in Orexis work to improve the size of your erections by enhancing your sex drive, dilating blood vessels in the penis, improving blood circulation to the penis, aiding in the production of testosterone and even boosting energy.

Orexis promises that all these benefits combines will promote a happier, healthier sexual experience for both you and your partner.

What’s in Orexis?

The Orexis formula contains some very common herbs that have been tested by time throughout the ages improving male erectile dysfunction, impotence, fertility and libido.

Epimedium (is also called horny goat weed): increases libido and boosts energy levels.

Yohimbe Extract: improves erectile dysfunction by relaxing blood vessels in the penis allowing more blood to engorge the penis.

Damiana: increases sexual desire, and intensifies sensations.

Tribulus Terrestris: stimulates the production of testosterone which boosts the libido.

Muira Puama: increases libido.

Panax Ginseng: an energy booster and good for all over better health.

Catuaba Bark Extract: an aphrodisiac that stimulates the central nervous system.

Does Orexis Have any Side Effects?

Because Orexis used all natural ingredients there should not be any side effects. The only ingredient that may be of some concern is Yohimbe. Some side effects caused by Yohimbe are headache, nausea, dizziness, and heart palpitations.

Since we don’t really know the exact amount of Yohimbe used in the formula it is hard to determine its safety.

If you decide to take Orexis make sure you don’t go over the recommended dosage! Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24 hour period of time.

How Much Does Orexis Cost?

For a box containing 60 capsules the retail price is $45.00. If you shop around the internet you will find it for much less. The lowest we found is around $26.95.

There are many on line sites that will give you a break when you buy more than one box at a time. The usual discount is buy 2 get the 3rd free. You still have to consider shipping and handling fees.

Does Orexis have a Money Back Guarantee?

Many sites offer a guarantee if you are not satisfied with Orexis results. Some just offer a money back guarantee for the boxes you don’t open or use. Just read all the fine print if there is a guarantee mentioned.

Final Thoughts on Orexis

Orexis is not cheap, but a prescription would cost a lot more. It contains Yohimbe, which can cause some side effects, but prescription Viagra definitely causes side effects. It may be worth trying if you can brave the side effects that are not life threatening unless you take more than the recommended dosage.