How Meladerm Pans Out On Hyper Pigmentation

My battle with hyper pigmentation has left me struggling to find a product that is gentle enough that it doesn’t cause irritation yet effective at lightening dark areas quickly. Most of the products I bought over the counter either make my skin swollen and tough, or I just ended up getting mediocre results. A close friend bought me a bottle of Meladerm and I kept it around for a couple of weeks before testing it. I had heard good things, but I was afraid of being let down. I did end up needing to use a lot of it because my dark splotches are rather large in size.

Days passed and I could see my dark spots getting lighter and lighter. It was really amazing to see the changes in my skin happening so quickly. I definitely overdid it at first and had to buy another bottle to finish up the job, but once I was finished with the second bottle I was completely satisfied with the results. You would never had any idea that I had big cocoa brown marks on my face and arms because they are totally gone. I have to note that there are a few faint areas that are just a tad lighter than the rest of my skin, but that’s because I was going crazy with the application process. I see it as further proof that this product works extremely well.