How Earthworms Make a Difference in Your Garden

There is a reason why there’s a saying that all creatures are important, big and small, from the beetle to the tiniest spider. One of the most important creatures is the inconspicuous earthworm. You may not know this but an earthworm is a gardener’s best friend. They don’t only exist for you to gross your sister out or for kids’ amusement.

“The intestines of the earth” are earthworms according Aristotle and Charles Darwin mentions that earthworms have basically had a taste of everything that has ever existed on this earth, from everything natural and unnatural. Earthworms are actually worshipped in some cultures. Earthworms should therefore be cherished as they are part of the ground we live on.

Earthworms‘ mains functions are too make pathways through soil to let in air, water and plant roots, this in turn enriches the soil for plants to survive. Another function would be that they distribute castings (earthworm poop) through the soil. Their castings are filled with compounds that improve plants’ resistance to disease. It is noticeable that gardens that have more earthworms are healthier than gardens that fewer earthworms. They can also clear the earth from contaminants restoring the soil its natural balance. Not only are they vital for the earth some cultures eat worms as a source of protein.

Compost makes for fantastic earthworm habitats. As most gardeners know or for new gardeners, spreading a nice thick layer of compost over newly planted bedding is ideal. This is because this feeds the soil and also attracts worms, especially earthworms. You can also speed up your composting process through using earthworms by either buying them or farming with them. This is called vermicomposting, this is an admired technique for gardeners throughout the world.

For vermicomposting at home you need a few things. You need to get bins, this can be anything from wood, plastic, and metal containers. The size of the bin depends on how you plan on storing your worms and how you will feed them. Although you may use any bin, there are less favorable ones, like metal will conduct too much heat throughout the bin and also it might rust by sending heavy metals through the compost making it poisonous for the worms.

Vermicompost gives seedlings a really good start in life and earthworms are part of this wonderful process of maintaining a beautiful garden. Making the earth greener starts with you and you don’t have to have millions to make a difference. Earthworms are your key making a difference.